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Magnaguard (P-38) Starfighter 0.4

Magnaguard (P-38) Starfighter

HASBRO - October 2009. The Porax-38 was a tough, powerful, long-range craft; the qual of any starfighter fielded by the Republic for the entire...

Anakins Y-wing - Titanium 0.4

Anakins Y-wing - Titanium

Hasbro - September 2009. The Republic's newest weapon in the war against the Separatists gets a trial by fire as Anakin Skywalker leads a...

Virago - Titanium 0.4

Virago - Titanium

Hasbro - February 2009. As fast and maneuverable as a TIE Interceptor, but with firepower equal to an X-wing, the Virago was unmatched in deadly...

Cloud Car - Titanium 0.4

Cloud Car - Titanium

HASBRO - August 2008. Unique to the Cloud City of Bespin, the twin-pod cloud car is a simple, fast vehicle, ideal for atmospheric flight in the...

T-16 Skyhopper - Titanium 0.4

T-16 Skyhopper - Titanium

Hasbro - Simplicity and ease of use make the T-16 skyhopper sub-orbital flier the ideal vehicle for those governments and organizations that need...

Jabbas Desert Skiff - Titanium 0.4

Jabbas Desert Skiff - Titanium

Hasbro - 2008. These most basic of repulsorlift vehicles are ubiquitous across the galaxy. Used most often for cargo transport and loading onto...

Blizzard Force Speeder Bike - Titanium 0.4

Blizzard Force Speeder Bike - Titanium

Hasbro - Blizzard Forces squadron snowtroopers, trained to work quickly and with deadly accuracy in the most extreme conditions, make devastating use...

Kit Fisto Jedi Starfighter - Titanium 0.4

Kit Fisto Jedi Starfighter - Titanium

Hasbro - Kit Fisto is a comfortable in the vastness of space as he is in the waters of his home planet. Trained since childhood to move and fight in...

A-Wing - green - Titanium 0.4

A-Wing - green - Titanium

Hasbro - The ideal pursuit and quick strike starfighter, the A-Wing easily outclassed even the fastest and most maneuverable Imperial fighter craft....

V-Wing Starfighter - Titanium 0.4

V-Wing Starfighter - Titanium

Hasbro - Perhaps the most advanced snub fighter to emerge from the forge of the Clone Wars, the V-Wing starfighter is engineered to eke every last...

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